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Our Approach A data protection partner for your business

Our objective extends far beyond just ensuring you’re ready for GDPR. We understand that compliance with data protection is an increasing challenge for businesses of all sizes, and the potential damage to business reputation and perrformance as a consequence of a data breach.

With our support, we can help minimise the possibility of that happening, while staying on the right side of regulations that will help guard your business from being penalised for non-compliance. By becoming a partner of your business, we will help to reinforce data protection and data privacy as part of the organisation’s DNA.

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Work with your business

With our extensive knowledge of the retail, commercial and financial sectors, we can provide critically beneficial advice for your business. Working with your senior executives, senior management and stakeholders, we will share those vital skills, knowledge and best practices that will help foster a GDPR compliant environment.

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Work with the talent already in your business

Every business is different, but one thing we are sure of is that you possess valuable internal resources through the talented individuals already in your organisation. With a strong understanding of your business and customers, they are a key line of security that can help protect data and enforce privacy. As we start to formulate a strategy to implement GDPR, we will look to formulate a multi-disciplined interdepartmental project team from across your business to achieve the best results and secure engagement and support.

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Provide legal and technical expertise

In cases where a skills gap is identified within your organisation, we are able to fill this with our dedicated set of Be Secure business partners. In particular, we can bring in expert external advice in legal and technical matters for GDPR and cyber security. Always business focused, we will seek to close these gaps in a way that enables you to retain a tight control on costs.

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Applying a business like approach

When we begin a project with you, we always bear in mind the size and resources of your organisation. This makes sense, because GDPR solutions need to be considered in the context of your organisation’s size, complexity, business activity, geographical reach and data risk profile. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that our solution will be tailored to your own individual circumstance.