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Expert Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

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  • Prevent and recognise damaging data breaches which can destroy reputation and profits
  • Eliminate uncertainly over your data processing practices
  • Dedicated and qualified data protection expert shaping your data protection culture
  • Professional advice and support on-hand for your management and staff
  • Save your valuable time to focus on your business and customers
  • Avoid incurring penalty fines for non-compliance
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Why Be Secure?

We are an expert data protection consultancy business based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

We are:

  • Independent - a truly independently owned consultancy firm
  • Qualified - professionals recognised by UK, Irish & international bodies
  • Access to - we have access to experts in Guernsey, UK and Ireland
  • Extra services - can provide EU Representative services, if required
  • Quality systems - we use leading global privacy software platforms to assist us and our clients with their compliance requirements

Set up to help organisations like yours, we work to prevent data breaches and inadvertent non-compliance following ever stringent regulatory obligations. Working alongside key members of staff fostering a "privacy by design" culture of establishing and enhancing trust with your customers and staff.

What is a Data Protection Officer?

A data protection officer ("DPO") plays a critical role in acting as intermediary between all stakeholders engaged with processing personal data within an organisation, its customers, third party agents and the Data Protection Authority. Ultimately the purpose of the DPO is to ensure that data controller is, and remains, compliant with its regulatory obligations.

A DPO must be highly knowledgeable about data protection laws, including GDPR, with a thorough understanding of business operations, technology, industry and culture.

Does My Organisation Need a DPO?

Your organisation must appoint a DPO where it meets one of the following criteria:

  • you are a public authority or body, or
  • your core processing activities, by virtue of their nature, scope or purposes, consist of large scale regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects, or
  • your core activities consist of processing special category data on a large scale, or
  • it is required by the relevant law

Organisations can voluntarily appoint a DPO but they must follow all the legal obligations of that role.

Organisations need to be aware that failure to appoint a DPO as mandated by GDPR will expose them to the lower level administrative fine (in GDPR set at €10m or 2% of global revenues).

We can provide out-sourced DPO services to your business, whether as an interim appointment or on an on-going support basis, which will help your company when needed.

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Be Supported:

  • Staff and senior management training sessions and on-going guidance
  • Data Breaches and Breach Notifications guidance and support
  • Supervisory Authority point of contact person on behalf of your business
  • Data Subject (identifiable person) point of contact on behalf our your business
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) guidance and support for business teams