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Market & Customer Research

Organisations will often find that they need to conduct some urgent market or customer research to explain why their business or market sector is changing so quickly, or to find the cause of their underperformance against their peers. Having access to additional resources to help conduct such a review or collate the facts and figures for such a project is often very valuable to delivering a quality outcome for the research.

Market Research

  • Bench-marking your organisation against the performance of your peers, locally and globally
  • Identifying current, future factors impacting on your sector e.g. technology, trends, legal etc.
  • Identifying your areas of strength and weakness in your operations compared to your peers

Competitor Research

  • Understanding the competitor landscape in your sector, locally and globally , what has changed
  • Research their trading performance, new products, new markets, skill set of their management
  • Research the drivers of value in their organisations, points of differentiation with your business

Your Organisation

  • Updating the SWOT analysis of your business and identifying potential action plan for discussion¬†
  • Reviewing your current business plan to compare to market research trends and findings
  • Identifying long-term growth and your market position as a result of this research

Having an objective assessment of your business performance and business strategy when compared to your industry sector can deliver some valuable insights and early warnings for your executive team to consider and plan for. Markets are continuously changing and it is important to know your strengths and weakness.

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