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Accounting Support & Reporting

Your organsiation may need extra support to complete your accounting and reporting requirements before year end and before the financial audit begins. Understanding and keeping up to date with the latest presentational requirements of FRS or IFRS statements can be quite challenging, so having some extra early support for your organisation could add real value for you.

1.  Management Accounts and Year End Accounts

  • Updating your management accounts and presenting them in the year end accounts format
  • Evaluating the presentational changes required to meet the accounting standards
  • Providing up to date reconciliations between the two accounting formats

2. Finance team support

  • Assisting and co-ordinating the work programme for your finance team to clear back-log
  • Supporting your finance team with forward looking projections and pro-actively managing
  • Help to assess and restructure your finance team to achieve and deliver required results

3. KPI reporting 

  • Work with your management to define and report on relevant and effective KPI’s
  • Review and automate your reporting processes to deliver real time (or near real time) reporting
  • Work with your executive directors to enhance the board reporting pack information

Often organisations need a little extra support at critical times in the year to help them avoid unnecessary delays or problems with co-ordinating the finance teams work programme deliverables. Targeted support and motivation to deliver improved services is often what makes the biggest difference.

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