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Fundraising, Refinancing & Restructuring

Does your organsiation need the support of a Finance Director to assist you with the financial work required to help you secure new loans or investment or to make the necessary changes required to put your organisation in a sound financial position going forwards?

The following scenarios could be true for your organisation:

1.  Managing Working Capital

  • Improving the visibility of the funds required for working capital (stock, debtors, creditors)
  • Looking to cash in more quickly from your debtors or using debt factoring option
  • Trying to improve your credit terms with your suppliers to ease the payment profile

2. Restructuring

  • Need to make changes to your business teams to reduce costs and to automate processes
  • Need to make structural changes to your business channels or markets, assess its impact
  • Merging of office locations or business offices to gain efficiencies in operations

3. Funding restructuring

  • Need to restructure bank or other loans to ease cashflow payments and reduce commitments
  • Having difficult in getting access to traditional bank funding and looking for alternatives
  • Needing support with the required financial projections and paperwork that needs your attention

In this post-Covid-19 lockdown world, organisations are facing difficult challenges in keeping their businesses operating and properly funded to ensure their continued existence. Having some extra support and assistance in keeping up to date with your financial position and having a number of contingency plans in place will be essential to navigate these difficult times.

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