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Mergers & Acquisitions

When your organisation is presented with such opportunities as a Merger or Acquisition (or sale), the emphasis will be on getting the due diligence work completed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Often the deal being offered will only be available for a short period of time, and your organisation and its executives will need support to successfully complete the transaction.

1. Financial accounts

  • You may need to get your financial accounts brought up to date and as quickly as possible
  • Key reconciliations for revenues, profitability, suppliers, debtors and loans need to be updated
  • Variations between management accounts and year end audited accounts need to be documented

2. Due Diligence Records

  • Need a person to co-ordinate across multi-disciplines business teams to get DD information
  • Need a person to do a “quality control” check on the documents being presented for review
  • Pre & post DD set-up , maintaining all these recorded so they can be available going forwards

3. Taxation & Regulatory Filing

  • Getting the tax and regulatory filing up to date will need co-ordination with various advisors
  • Planning for the changes for Brexit, EU regulatory changes affecting your organisation
  • Assessing the cashflow impact of your liabilities on your funding going forwards

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