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Characteristics of good online social media sites for children?

Jul 18 - Brian Siney

Featured in JEP’s Expert Panel – 18th July 2018


Following last week’s article, I’ve reviewed guidelines published for online companies that provide services to children and how they should be demonstrating they operate with integrity and to the standards expected of them. The UK, USA and Canadian authorities have published a lot of information in this area.

One important element is the advice given to these companies and as a parent or guardian, you may be interested to note the characteristics of what good reputable online companies are and the actions they should be taking to protect your child’s privacy and security. They are;

– Clear rules of conduct for the use of the platform and regular enforcement of them
– Ongoing monitoring of open forms to identify rule breakers
– Features to allow children to block unwanted contact
– Ability to report bad behaviour and inappropriate posts
– Provide guidance to children to get help if they feel threatened online
– Ongoing monitoring for criminal activity
– Ongoing implementation of new initiatives to protect children

Why not discuss this with your child, and together, take a look at the online platforms they are using, to see if they meet the standards that are expected.

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