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Will GDPR have influence outside the EU?

Aug 1 - Brian Siney

Featured in JEP’s Expert Panel – 25th July 2018


Only 2 months in, GDPR is already having an impact. The EU has just approved Japan as a country of “equivalence” in relation to their data protection laws, in the first ever reciprocal arrangement by the EU. This has created the world’s largest approved data transfer area and covers approximately 600 million people and a third of world’s GDP.

The legal principles, data subject rights and protections in the GDPR law will be available in Japan.

Other events to note where GDPR is being referenced as a very important framework:

  • California’s new digital privacy law was passed on 28 June 2018 (effective from January 2020), is said to be one of the “most significant regulations overseeing data-collection practices of technology companies” in the US.
  • India is also now looking to introduce new data protection laws after concerns were expressed by the Law Minister about the use of user-data in targeted messaging in election campaigns there.
  • New Zealand’s “equivalence” status is under scrutiny as it’s reported their laws are falling behind the standards now set by GDPR. If they fail the EU Commission’s review in 2020, they will lose this coveted status.

Interesting times ahead in this new GDPR world!

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