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Welcome to Privacy Matters – a series of podcasts brought to you by Be Secure in association with Channel 103.

In each episode, we’re talking about data protection in the real world, what it means for you your rights and your business. 

And we’ll be looking at what’s likely to happen in the world of data protection in the months and years ahead of us. In each episode, we will be focusing on one aspect of data protection, mining the expert knowledge of Brian Siney from Be Secure –  a niche consultancy business providing professional services to clients here in the Channel Islands across the UK and the wider European Union. 

Brian’s got more than a quarter of a century of experience of both commercial and financial services businesses in Jersey, he’s worked in some very senior finance roles and was group finance director of one of Europe’s fastest growing online beauty retail businesses feel unique. 

In this episode, we’ll be talking about data protection from the point of view of a business owner. What should you be doing? What should you expect? 

1.    What are some of the key themes around the world of data protection as it relates to business? (1:10)

2.    Max Schrems and his Herculean effort to take on the tech giants (1:15)

3.    The consequences for tech companies like Facebook of the Max Shrem case (3:05)

4.    How do global trends in data protection relate to businesses in Jersey? (5:05)
5.    What are some of the key steps on the journey to being a fully compliant or fully aware business when it comes to data protection? (6:33)

6.    How does the approach differ according to the scale of the business? (11:23)

7.    What are the common challenges you come across trying to embed data protection culture in various organisations? (13:40)

8.    Should the worst happen, and I suffer a data breach that attracts the attention of the regulator, what are some of the things I should immediately do? How should I respond to an impending investigation?  (16:09)
9.    As businesses move out of the pandemic, what are some the areas they should be thinking about with reference to data protection?  (19:15)

10.    What are the special categories of data that businesses need to be aware of? (21:58)

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Thank you for listening. 

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