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Welcome back to Privacy Matters – the data protection podcast from Be Secure.

In each episode in the series, we’ve been exploring trends in data protection and how they might impact you, your life and your business. 

In this episode, we will once again be mining the knowledge of our expert, Brian Siney, from Be Secure – a niche consultancy business providing professional services to clients in the Channel Islands, the United Kingdom and the European Union. 

In this episode, we’ll review some of the latest developments in data protection and be polishing up our crystal ball with a look into what our expert commentator thinks is in store for us of the next five to 10 years. 

1.    Recently the EU has confirmed it’s granted the UK that all important ‘adequacy status’ regarding data protection. (1’00”)

2.    The EU has made some change to the personnel who head up data protection issues – looking at big tech and social media companies (2’16”)

3.    Ad Tech, real-time ‘bidding for eyeballs’ and the 1,000 data points that tech companies collect on citizens (6’19”)

4.    How could data help fight crime? (9’21”)

5.    Post COVID-19 how will the role of data protection in business evolve? (10’46”)

6.    In the UK there has been discussion about the government’s plans to share personal NHS data with third parties – is this a good or bad idea? (12’46”)

7.    Concerns have been voiced by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office with regards to the use of facial recognition and AI in increasing aspects of our lives. (19’18”)

8.    News on a replacement for the so-called ‘Privacy Shield’ and the resultant impact on social media companies (22’20”)

9.    Could GDPR be getting a federal cousin in the United States? (22’53”)

10.    What’s the collective redress scheme for data breaches and how does it relate to citizens? (23’45”)

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