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What am I allowed to do with business cards under GDPR?

Jun 8 - Brian Siney

Featured in JEP’s Expert Panel – 8th June 2018


I am always asked this question and there’s a lot of uncertainty as to what people can do with business cards once they receive them.

Key points to note;

  • the simple action of the person giving you their business card is demonstration of their consent for you to have it; the question is all about what you do next with it!
  • its contains personal information, so GDPR rules do apply
  • you can use the information to stay in contact with the person if the purpose is for normal business development, customer/client work, keep on a contact list (delete the data once it becomes redundant/out of date); use “legitimate interest” lawful bases for this processing where in “performance of a contract” bases is not appropriate, but ensure you have considered the “balancing test” criteria to address any data subject’s objection
  • you must not automatically assume it’s ok to start sending them direct marketing information (e.g. emails etc..), you need to specifically get the new “opt-in” consent for such activities

Take the sensible approach and think about the real purpose you were given the business card in the first place.

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