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Where do I start with GDPR? Help!

Apr 16 - Brian Siney

Featured in JEP’s Expert Panel – 16th April 2018


With only 26 working days left to the new GDPR law and it’s Jersey equivalent, the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018, if you are unsure how to approach this project you should spend time taking a look at the new infographic guidance and written information just recently published on the Jersey data protection commissioner’s website,

It is written in a very user-friendly way and will help give you a quick understanding as to the approach you should take and may help demystify this topic. Most organisations do take data protection seriously and for them, this new law builds on this foundation to deliver a higher standard of data protection for their clients, customer and employees. For others, the new law could have a big impact requiring many changes in the way they operate.

You will be surprised how this project will help you identify duplication of data, unnecessary collection (usually for now redundant purposes), unnecessary storage of old data in digital and paper records, oversharing (possibly unlawful sharing) of sensitive/special category data. You will soon realise where the “quick wins” are and what issues need resolving in your medium to long-term journey towards full compliance with the new law.

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